Tradition, passion, innovation. Three values that have made Partisani a reference point in Italy and internationally in the production of mills and plants for stone milling.
The continuous search for quality and the care to customer’s needs are the basis of every project and milestones of a nearly 90-year history.

Every chapter in Partisani’s story tells the story of the desire to continually put ourselves to the test, facing new challenges and always setting new goals.
The company Partisani was founded in the 1930s from the idea of Aldo Partisani who joined the business of miller to that of manufacturer of milling machines.

In 1955, after the entry into the company of his son Ernesto, the production of milling plants, is accompanied by the distribution of electric motors of the best brands.

The company Partisani specializes more and more in the production of stone milling plants for the production of truly integral flours and begins to export its machines all over the world. Currently the Partisani family has successfully reached the fourth generation in the management of the company, its mills and plants are all designed within the company and assembled and tested in the facility of Forlì.

Having embraced a different logic in the production of mills, compared to the large multinational companies, Partisani is today the world reference point of stone mills. Thanks to its experience, the company has established itself in over 40 countries around the world.

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