Our Cleaner is entirely built in welded steel and is carefully painted to avoid the swift wear of the
metallic parts. It is equipped with side carters to prevent accidents and three outlets for discards.
The drive shaft is set up on strong mountings with dust-proof ball bearings. The eccentrics on the
drive shaft are built in such a way to make the cases oscillate alternatively opposite to reduce mostly vibrations, complete with bearings. The Cleaner is complete with an electric motor of KW 1,1 for the fan and with a geared motor of KW 0,55 for transmission motion of the cases with the sieves. The frame is built in very resistant welded tubular, to absorb any oscillations. On the top there is a hopper in which three manual locks feed the cereals over the sieves; before the sifting zone there is also a rake to distribute the product for the whole width of the sieves. Cases are joined to the frame and drive shaft with steel springs. The three sieves are formed of galvanized sheet iron frames, with rubber balls for clean the top sheet, they can be replaced easily and quickly. An important feature of our Cleaner is the wide width of sieves and the long stroke of the cases which allow very high output using minimum expenditure of energy. The Cleaner can also be equipped with a fan for the suction of little impurities that operates on the product in two different points, at the inlet and at the outlet. The two suction points have locks to regulate air flow. All these characteristics ensure that our Cleaner uses KW 1,65 of power and can produce approx. 10 q/h of cleaned product ready for the grinding. The Cleaner can also be equipped with a frame (whose height will be determined at the order) to make easier the junction between the exit of the cleaned product and a possible bucket elevator or screw conveyor.



MP50S 1,1 + 0,37 1000 2265 915 2670 ÷ 2900 4 405

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